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New and Tired

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I tried connecting to one of those immediate chat rooms for suicidal people. I was kept waiting for 30 minutes. Figures. Everytime I've asked for help in the past, it took so long. I'm tired of seeking help and keep wondering why I'm being kept around. I'm married, I'm 22, husband got laid off, I'm in college, living with my dad, my mom and grandpa died a month apart from each other. Mom and dad are/were alcoholics. Right now I want to drink a whole bottle of wine. I'm just tired of everything. What good am I doing? The only thing I'm worried about if I go is my dog. He's the only thing keeping me here. Blah. I've been shopping obsessively lately, slowly draining the bank account and my husband doesn't know. Nothing works.


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Hi csmith,

Are you able to access the chat room here on the forums? If you haven't tried it before, I recommend it as worth giving a try!

With a warm welcome to you,


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Perhaps you should talk to your husband make arrangements you do not have the credit cards so you do not drain the acct I do hope you can get some help hun talking here can help take away some of the stress sadness hugs


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Hey CSmith, Welcome to the forums.. You will be accepted here..Theres alot of nice people here..Alot can relate to you..I just lost my mom two months ago and dad isn't doing good..He's not far behind her..They both use to drink alot until there health problems put a halt to that..Please put the wine away, you don't want to follow in there footsteps.. Only you can make the right decisions..We are here for you to lean on or vent to..Sometimes it helps to just blow up and speak your mind... Thats what we are for..Take Care!!!
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