New baby (bird) in the house!

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    Yesterday my daughter found a baby bird on the ground in our neighbor's yard. She brought it to me and we're hand-feeding it water soaked dog food bits and keeping it in a big box in my den. We think it's a crow, tho maybe a grackle. It's big and black, and has really long legs and big feet. Squawks a lot too, wants fed every couple hours at least,and has been eating what I give it. I've named it Edgar Allen Crow.:smile:

    We hand raised a baby blue jay some years ago, same feeding methods and food, and s/he grew to be a big beautiful bird whom we let loose in a wilderness preserve when big enough to fly and care for himself.

    Right now it's sitting in the box with it's big mouth open,but not squawking. Will be interesting to see what kind of bird it actually is when big enough to identify positively. S/he reacts to my face by squawking and opening that big mouth, so must be 'imprinting' on me as it's mother/parent. It's not at all capable of flight yet, hasn't yet lost all the baby feathers.

    Quite the zoo we've got here, these creatures seem to find their way to my house somehow...:smile: Maybe they just know a big softie when they see one!:smile:

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    Esmeralda Well-Known Member're so kind :hug:
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