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Hi there, I'm Jesse.
I'm twenty years old and I'm from the UK. Came across the forum when searching for BPD support. Had a read of all the info and figured it would be a good idea to join because I can be anonymous and hopefully seek support and advice without being judged. I've been struggling a lot lately with increased frequency of suicidal ideation and episodes of dissociation. Talking to those close to me isn't helping, as if often the case for many people dealing with these issues. I hope that posting on here will help to keep me grounded.
I haven't been active on a forum since I moderated a music one when I was sixteen, so I'm probably a little behind on the times.

Here's hoping I don't embarrass myself too much xD


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Hey Jesse, I'm Jessica. ;) Anything with Jess in it is clearly amazing. <3

Welcome to the forums! Don't worry, we won't judge you. We are here to offer you our compassion on the road to recovery.

Please know I'm here if you would like to talk.

Take care!
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