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New, but alot to say

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HI everyone,

My names Andy, im 20 years old.

First a bit of background. All though high school (im from the UK), I was bullied, it wasnt physical bullying, it was psycological. I had a really hard time, degraded to the point I was worthless, and I mean litterally worthless like nothing.

when I was 14 I held a gun to my head, my sister was there, I didnt care, I ditn care about anyone, and my sister said "Andrew please what are you doing"...... for the nth time I cried and collapsed on the floor.

I left school, I got a job and a girlfriend, it didnt last we were close but she moved away.

having worked a couple of years I met a girl I fell in love with danielle her name was, we were together two and a half years, I still love her now, but it again dint work out.

She now has a new boyfriend, and I know how a few people post on here about feelings towards previous partners and what they are doing.

Shes seeing someone else.

I drink, alot, because im lonley, and because I dont want to think about her with him, ive thought ALOT about suicide, and decided against and what I just want to say, to anyone ANYONE who is reading this and considering it......

Grit those teeth, stick your damn chest out and be proud of who you are, the time has come for us not to kill ourselves, but to tell the world to goto hell, why? because Im going to go on damn living, and you can throw anything you want at me, because it cannot be worse than what youve already done. Youve destroyed me, youve broken me down but YOU know what world, i aint going to swallow pills or put a gun to my head, im going to grit my sodding teeth, im going to grow strong and im going to beat you and I wont let you kill me, you can get me down, you can bully me, you can leave me and I can sit here crying because shes with someone else, yeah i drink, but guess what WE are still HERE and were going no were, because we are the strongest people in the world, and we're proud and were going to see this through.

My point is: it feels like the end, DONT do it, there IS tomorow. IF shes with somone else, yeah your going to feel crap tonight, yeah your going to feel crap for a few weeks, it gets better, grit your damn teeth and dont let the world defeat you.

Lets put an end to suicide.

Awww hun :hug: Welcome to the forum, and if you need a shoulder or want to talk please know I'm here for you anytime. I hope you like it here. :) :hug: :hug: :hug:
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