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new.. but who cares?

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i joined a few days ago but i though id say hi!

my head is like the IRS; it's so fucked up even i don't even know what is going on. i hate school, i hate my parents, i hate my life... well that about wraps it up! see you all around


Hey, I certainly care.

That's a great analogy you made about the IRS.

Yep. School sucks, My kid hates me. Genrally the world can be an alright place. Hopfully it will come around for you and you'll se that.

I'm new too, and it was difficult for me to say a hey as well.

Hang on there, and give this forum a chance. It has helped me already. Really supportive people here.


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I care!

:welcome: to the forum.. sorry things are so difficult for you at the moment but i hope that you stick around.. we'll listen if you ever want to talk about anything

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