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    So, I really want to vent about this as its driving me insane today.I went to go get a car with my bf as he needed a newer model. (He's currently driving his dad's and needed out of that too). He wanted me to get out of the house so he took me along.

    We get to a dealer and they ignore all his specifics and push him into a 2008, he agrees to test drive and liked it. Now he didn't like the payments on it so he asked for a cheaper model, preferably a used one. So he eventually gets them to show him the used models (they tried pushing him into a different new model). The sales person shows him a used version of the car and says its $7995 plus it still has 45000 miles on the power train. Its too hot for the sales person to let him look at other cars so again pushing him to the credit part. now everything s great but they wont show him the payments and cost on paper. So I insist for him and they finally bring him the paper. The car that was $7995 is wait for it........$10995 with the $1000 discount they so kindly gave him.(By the way thats sarcasm.)

    So he tells them that it was $7995 and they try and say they ran the wrong car but the lot number is the same one and when he questions them, get this

    "We cant work with you".

    We grab the main sales manager and complains, the sales manager sympathized and gets his "best" associate to work with us. This associate shows us multiple cars has us test drive and passes us to finance. We stay with the $7995 with guarantee. Its a great deal for a 2006, so who would blame us. They get the price right, payments right and great down payment. So he goes for it. We have now been there 7 hours. An hour later we are about to go into the final paperwork and they take the down payment in CASH.

    The guy starts going over the car and guess what it does NOT qualify for the power train. We then tell him that two associates told us it did and guess what they're not working there anymore. They got fired. By the way this includes the BEST associate from before. So my guy says no go on the deal and they say ok and walk away.

    We go back to the desk and ask for the down payment back. He cant have it till NEXT WEEK, and then they wont give him his cash they will do a check. By this time we have been there almost 9 hours and they refuse to cancel the car order until his down payment is refunded as well as to refund the money. Then the 'manager in charge' comes out and calls my guy "girl"(I was pissed off at this point and so was my guy) When I asked if he was attempting to say something about my guy and discriminate in any way all he needed to say was, sorry it was a slip of the tongue or something to that nature. NO he said I can get as Nasty as you want and if you want to argue I will have the police take you from the property and then you cant come back and get your money. I call a friend who happens to be a lawyer and they have broke a few legal things with this.

    To cut the story short he has no cash back yet, got kicked out of the dealer all because we said no to the lies and scams they were pulling. This is also a big name dealer with over 50 dealerships.

    On top of that we didn't eat cos we were in there so long, I freaked out as my alarm goes off as the guy is asking us to leave for my meds and were over 45 minutes away from home and now we have to wait to get his money back.

    I just had to vent because I thought this was appalling.
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    It IS appalling.:mad: That a business would treat customers that way. Do you have a Better Business Bureau in your town? If so, call them and complain loudly. That should not go unpunished.:mad:
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    We contacting the BBB and the attorney general. Still no money and we called today and got told not till Wednesday. ARRRRGGGGHHHHH
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    It is unbeleivable how some big businesses treat people nowadays. They obviously don't need new customers which indicates they are overpriced and gouging the consumers. I am glad your bf stuck to his guns. Many people would have been intimidated into a sale they didn't want and probably later had the car repossesed.