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new chat

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ok so this is in no way a complaint thread i realise its changed and most likely will not be changed back i just need to rant.

i don't like the new chat why don't i like the new chat
1) if im in one room i cant see who is in other rooms only how many people i don't care how many in the room i just want to know who they are
2)i cant pm someone in other room unless i 1st go into that room open pm then go back to other room

ok so there are only 2 reasons but those to reasons really annoy me... it is silly i cant decided witch room i want to go to without having to enter each room and see whos in there i don't want to have to do that i think its stupid and it just bugs me. makes me feel as if once i chose a room and if someone says hi i have to stay there for at least a little bit...
just not liking new chat at all
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