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New, Dont know what to say...

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by LiamD, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. LiamD

    LiamD New Member

    Use your imagination as to how and why i found this forum.
  2. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    Probably the same way and reason I did... you were considering suicide and your post on this forum is a cry for help. Welcome, I hope you're able to find the support that you're looking for here.
  3. lelantgirl

    lelantgirl Well-Known Member

    Please feel safe here to let out what you need and share with us. In my experience hardly anybody in the 'outside world' as I call it knows a thing about suicide and feelings, and they are very negative. I have been told many times I just a immature person, needs to grow up and attention seeking........HOW WRONG CAN THEY BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nobody wants to be suicidal and people are so thick if they think we are like it out of choice. Maybe one day they will live in our sad and hell and then realise.
    This is your post my friend...........but just wanted to say you will not be judged here and you have come to right place, so hope you feel ok to tell us more in your own time. Take care.
  4. LiamD

    LiamD New Member

    Thanx guys, im actually feeling a bit better today, you couldn't reply at the time as my account needed validation before my thread shown up, im really up and down at the moment, and not sleeping isn't helping, im agorophobic, so when I dont sleep im spending 15-20hrz a day sat on my own, wears me down.

    Thanx for replying, im here if anyone else needs to talk to.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.