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    After a LOT of requests over the past six months we have revamped the forum and added some new sections. Some of the old sections have been renamed as people found them a little difficult to understand what they were for (e.g. The Uncertainty Principle) and there now a lot of new forums.

    Please don't be put off by the fact that some of the forums have no or few posts so far - I know it can be daunting to be the 'first' to post something - thank you so much if you ARE the first person to post a thread in one of the new forms - the more people that use them, the more people will use them to get help and support.

    I want to take this opportunity to thank every single person who has donated to SF, whether that is the financial donations that keep us running, articles and imagery to help people find us or, most importantly, time and compassion to support the thousands of people that come here looking for a way to keep living. You are all beautiful people and this forum could not save as many lives as it does without you.

    If anyone has any problems with the new forums, please drop me a private message and I will try to sort it out. Hopefully everything is fine but it is very possible that there are couple of boxes here or there did not get checked as I was working through things.
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    Hi Lynsey, I am sorry that nobody replied to your email - I did not see it or I would have. I need to discuss this with Ben (@NYJmpMaster ) and get back to you if that is okay?
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    Yes of course Freya. Thank you.
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    Hi Freya,
    I've checked out the new age-related forum sections and it says I have "insufficient privileges" to post in any of them, is there a reason why? Oh, but I was able to "like" a post someone else wrote.
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    I had the same issue, so I think maybe only staff members are able to post on the new forums for the time being. They might still be trying to make sure it all runs smoothly.
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    Thanks Freya for being the awesome person you are. I rarely post on open forums. But am grateful to you for tending to them in such a love-ly way
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    I missed some tick boxes - it should hopefully work now :) if not please let me know.
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