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Hi. I'm new (obviously) I just thought it would be polite to pop in here and say hello before I go wandering about. I hope to find some support and help here as I feel so alone in my struggle most of the time.

Koukou xxx


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:welcome: to the forum,
I think you will find the support and help you're needing, and I hope you feel safe and comfortable here. Just let us know what's bothering you whenever you feel like.
take care,
Welcoem KouKou63

I hope SF can help you! If you ever need anything we are all here to help and support you without the fear of judgement or reprisal. All you need do is post a thread or PM any of us.

Hope to talk with you soon

Lost :)


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I'd like to agree with the above posts, and welcome you to SF.

I hope you find this forum helpful to get the support you need :)

Take care

:welcome: to the Forum koukou :)
I'm sure that you will find support and friendship here, and I'm glad you found us :)
Take care, and if you need anything feel free to PM :)

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