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New . Hello.

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Hello I guess,

I dont really know what to write. ..
Its just been a really long night.
I guess, for me, its easier to hold a conversation online rather face to face.
I don't know... Im so sleepy right now, not really looking forward to school tomorrow. I just want to fall asleep forever. It always seems so dark&bleak in my head, but on the outside im somewhat the opposite.
I dont know...hopefully I can get something positive out of this. :)
hey :) welcome to the forum - i hope you find sf helpful :) sorry your not feeling good but your in the right place to talk and make some friends :hug:


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Hey and hello :)
have a glance at the old 'night owl' threads, some useful insomnia self help ideas on there (and if not, having people to talk to at any time day/night is nice)
Hello Collide
I'm new here to although I've been reading it since forever. People here seem really nice so I decided to sign up. I guess making a few friends here will help me be more positive in the face of my mess. Quite unlikely, but still :)
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