New Here - And Feeling Very Depressed and Suicidal

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Hi, I am new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself.

Right now I am basically in crisis mode. I haven't left the house in days, my room in over a day (except to get a glass of water and meds) and generally feel like there is no hope for me. I am in so much physical and emotional pain and I don't know what to do. My psych and I are not working well together right now and she seems to think that if I just get out of the house everything will be fine and dandy.

I am just doing everything I can to keep myself alive right now. I just need some support. I am sorry I am rambling and venting. I just have no one to turn to right now. :sigh: Better try to get some sleep.


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Hi Mantis, as someone who spent years in home without going outside, I would urge you to seek more help and try get outside at least once a day..staying inside 24/7 just isn't living. What meds are you on if I may ask? Are they helping at all? If not, make sure you tell your psych they're not working so they can be changed, good luck to you xx


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Is your physical pain coming from depression or is there something else wrong? If it's coming from the depression, it would probably help to get out of the house and surround yourself by other people, someone you can have a good time being around, people can lift up your spirits.

When you have chronic pain, it will cause depression. I don't find relief getting out and making myself do things. Sometimes it makes me even worse. I've stayed indoors alot and it feels like my muscles are wasting away, I have started exercising recently, but not to over do it, I walk 1/2 hour one day, and will do about 15-30 min of stretching the next, and give myself a break one day during the week, whichever day I feel my worst.

Depression isn't going to go anywhere if you don't make some plans to change the way things currently are.

Are you eating anything? Kind of sounds like your losing your will to live. I hope you come back and talk to us. First thing you need to do, however, is eat, if you haven't done so.
I am also mostly house bound as I can't face the outside world. I feel like the people I know I am wasting my life on. Nobody takes my problems seriously. It seems infantile to say that and angsty but it is real tangible pain.

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Hi Mantis just wanted to welcome you to SF and to let you know you are not alone now hun lots of caring people here to talk to hugs


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Hey Mantis,
I have been housebound for over twenty years.. I went to therapy for five years and she was able to get me to leave the house early in the mornings..So I amke all my appointments for first thing..I am able to drive again but my anxiety does get up when I am doing that ..
Have you seen a therapist?? It takes a while to build a bond between you.. It's no quick heel scheme..It takes time and alot of effort on your side..I quit therapy a year ago because I felt like I was repeating myself after five years..Theres only so much that you will allow yourself to say..I wish you the best and you might want to go over your meds again.. It took me six years of different combos to come up with what works for me now..
Im housebound now too. Still cant find a job. I guess staying at home makes our motivation goes even lower. I haven't bothered to eat at all during the day and can only managed to eat little at night. I sleep most of the days away, while waiting for calls. I'm no good with crowds, so I go out in the early mornings for grocery shopping and running errands. Recently, I started going out in the nights for a short walk (using all sorts of nonsense excuses xP). It feels kinda good. If u're like me, try going out when there's less ppl or at times u feel comfortable at.
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