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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by karotka, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. karotka

    karotka New Member

    Hi. I'm new here -- decided to post because I feel really depressed and alone. I lost my job a few months ago, I have no friends really, my fiance is an addict and we constantly fight with nasty words beign exchanged constantly - I know my life with him will suck but leaving him will be impossible for me too hard I dont wanna deal with it, I hate how I look, I'm insecure, and I'm pretty anti-social - I don't enjoy meeting new people or mingling or even hanging out in a group really. I just feel like life has gotten really hard and a lot of times lately I find myself wondering why should I put up with all of this when I can just end it...
  2. xxicedragonxx

    xxicedragonxx Well-Known Member

    well first things first... welcome to sf.

    even when you dont think that there is any reason to go on... you have to try and keep one thing that will hold you here, and never let it go.

    it sounds like you are just in a bad place in your life situations. maybe it is time for a major change... sometimes we have to let go in order to hold on...
  3. karotka

    karotka New Member

    I feel like it'll be too hard. I don't have it in me... :sad:
  4. xxicedragonxx

    xxicedragonxx Well-Known Member

    let me tell you a little about what im facing....

    i lost hours at my job. i am in serious credit cards debt and getting close to losing my apt. my cars (two) are both barely working, and one is not at all.

    i just got out of jail for two felony charges. i was going to school for criminal justice, which is wasted now that i have been arrested. I am on a pretrial program in which i get random drug tests and have people coming to check on me.

    i am failing school miserably.

    my wife just left me and is now going out with one of my friends that i have known forever. she just told me now that she doesnt even want me in her life as a friend.

    i have nothing going for me... and too much to fight my way through... i am overloaded and medicated and horribly depressed.

    but im still here... im still trying..

    there are some holes that seem so deep. i know what it feels like to not have the energy to fight, but it is better than being dead.
  5. Tess

    Tess Member

    Hi karotka. I understand how hard it is to end a relationship which in the long run isn't good for you, however pragmatic everyone says it will be. I have recently been left by my partner of four years, and sensibly I would have left him pretty much from day one, but clung on and on refusing to be the one to end it and now I don't have a choice in the matter, hence being brought to this forum. So I won't do the pushy thing and say leave him because I know that can be seemingly impossible.
    To be honest, I don't think you have to like hanging out in groups and all those things, if they make you miserable, nothing strictly in life says you have to do those things though they probably make things easier. Maybe just stick to dealing with people or friends on a one on one basis for the moment, and don't think you're alone on this issue, alot of people on this forum seem to have some level of social anxiety. Good luck and a big hug, you've defintely come to the right place to find supportive and unjudgemental people x
  6. sudut

    sudut Well-Known Member

    I am sorry you are feeling this way. there are some things we can change and others we can't. we don't chose how to look, we are born that way and no one should tell you how you should look. unless you are eating and living unhealthy lifestyle which we can change. otherwise our bodies are all destined to look wrinkled and ugly and finally turn to dust. no exceptions. this life is a vapor. i wasted too much of my life focussed on my looks. you will be surprised by how little people actually care about how others look like. life is not like high school. we don't care about how you look and i bet you don't walk around caring how we look.

    we can change our fiance before its too late. i am not telling you what to do.

    welcome to s.f.
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