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new here- was this bullying?

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i think i was bullied in 7th grade. there were only about 25 people in my class, and i was the only one who didn't fit into their little group. so they all told me that i was the ugliest girl in the class and things like that. they drew pictures of me that were mean and hateful. they told everyone that i was the principal's spy and wouldn't talk to me. they wouldn't sit next to me during lunch or during school. i was the last person picked for every school project, and then i only avoided working alone because i got better grades than them. one guy pushed me up against a wall and had his hand by my neck, but didn't actually do anything thankfully. they told me that i was ugly, stupid, a nerd. they didn't invite me to any of their parties, but made sure that i knew about them. when it was my birthday, one of the other girls had a party on the same day as my party was going to be, because she knew that eveyrone would choose to go to hers. so i had to change mine, and only 3 girls came out of the 11 that i invited. i was made to believe that i was completely and totally worthless. was this bullying? even though it wasn't really physical...... thank you.
Bullying is and always has been more mental then physical.... It's just less recognized, because it happens so often, compared to the more extreme beatings...

But yes, that would definitely count as being bullied, you were ostracized by your classmates, and that hurts, a lot. The phrase "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" Is total BS, unless you truly believe in it, and don't let the words bother you.

Girls tend to be almost totally mental bullies, few are violent, (To guys at least), and when they are, it tends to be more light pushes/ slapping books down and the like, more designed to make you feel inferior then to actually hurt.
Boys on the other hand use words more to provoke, to allow an exscuse to beat up people. They tend to be more violent then girls.

There are of course, always exceptions to these rules, but those are general outlines.

Hope that helps.. :hug:

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hey and welcome to this forum :)
My name's Mio, nice to meet you :)
you know, I can understand you, because I was outsider at school (well, noone drew pictures of me and noone said that I was the ugliest person in the world), but I was outsider...
it was really difficult and depressing...
you now what?
you're NOT worthless
you ARE valuable and important
just believe

hope to talk to you soon

take care

Though i myself have never been bullied , couse im like 2 mettres 90 kilo`s and 1 % body fat :>
i must say intimidating girls is soo fagotish when done by boys
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