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I thought alot about posting here, as it's difficult for me to both talk and type. I suffer from debilitating chronic pain and have had no real help in dealing with it. I am an older person so feel like my life is not really worht much to anyone and I've had these disorders for my whole adult life. It has taken so much from me and its difficult getting through each day now. I've tried asking for help but peopel are very condesending and do more harm than good. Now I'm not only suicidal but very angry as well. i find it difficult to get treatment because of the pain in the first place. I have head pain constantly because my blood pressure wil not regulate itself (dysautonomia) and I also have a autoimunne disorder (systemic sclerosis). Just typing this is a struggle. I am very educated and yet have no money and not much time to myself een though I'm left alone for most of the day. I dream of having friends and a place I can really call home and time to have hobbies and read. but I dream abotu ending all of this too. Most of what I'd like to share would prbably not be apprpriate. I've learned my lesson not too share things with *anyone*. I beleive I didn't get proper medical help becasue I don't make enough money, can't get around, and would rather focus on the mental side and not the pain that is actually causing all this.
Welcome to SF DKK

Sorry that you're going through this

I suffer from debilitating chronic pain
There are quite a few other people here who are dealing with chronic pain. I could try to make some suggestions about treatment if you are interested. I hope things can get better.

Wishing you good things
Hi. Welcome to the forums. I'm sorry you're feeling bad at the moment. You'll be able to find a lot of empathy and support here and hopefully people who have or are going through similar things to you. I hope you can feel better soon. Sending hugs *hug10*sadhug.


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Hi @DKK It sounds like your disorders have left you with a lot of mental anguish. You'll always have a place here to share your thoughts and feelings. We're glad to have you here. And we're here for you.


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Hi there and a belated welcome to the forum. I'm glad you've found us. I see you're still checking in so I wanted to say hi, even though I'm late. A lot of people here suffer from chronic pain (and also really crap medical care, too) so many of us "get it". I have a rare connective tissue disorder that creates more problems than is worth. Keep posting okay? We're all here for you.


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Hello and welcome @DKK . Sorry to hear what you are dealing with on a daily basis. Even though typing is painful, I hope you will find this forum helpful and supportive.
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