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New here

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Hi i am new here and jsut wanted to say hi and stuff im pretty fucked up and have suicidal tendencies pretty much once a week =/ dunno what to do nemre


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Sorry to hear that Whoreface. Tell us some more about yourself. Do you know why you feel the way you do? Take care :hug:
First I want to welcome you to SF. Then I have to tell you I agree with allofme. You deserve so much more respect than you name allows. I hope you are able to find support here and change that opinion. :hug:
to let you all kno name has changed now and it wasnt anything to do with me the name its just sumfin me n my mates cam up with once and its always stuck like camerawhore ect ... but anyway yeah im still fucked up and i cut up realllllllllllllly badly on friday ! it felt good but i didnt want to wake yup the next day why am i such a failure


Forgotten_Man said:
Hmmm hi... once a week is good... maybe make them less yes? I still think about dying once a day... it is really nice...
Several times for me.
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