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My name is susie, I live in England, I suffer from depression, and self harm, I also have had several suicide attempts which has messed my body up abit.
I have had depression for about 5yrs, and sadly this has made me lose my family, as they want a stress free life, I find that hard to understand and it makes me feel unloved. 2 years ago my half sister told me to go jump in front of a train I didnt but I took a overdose that night, my sister is a mental health worker so again that made me feel real bad. At the moment I am finding it real hard as I have a lot of bad stuff in my life. thankfully I met a person from a different site and we are building a very close relationship she is helping me alot and is getting me through a bad time. I find it hard to trust ppl as everyone leaves me. Having one person who cares is great, but I still feel real lonely and unloved at times, after all if my family hate me I must be a bad person. The last few months have been hard due to money and marriage problems, and I did have another attempt and have recently cut. The other site Im on are not helpful and noone cares, in fact the site is just worried about one person. I just wish I had someone to chat to who understands what it is like to feel like this. The night time is worse as I dont sleep very good.
Well guess Ive said enough for now. hope I havent bored you all
take care everyone
I am sorry you are having a really hard time right now, and your half sister should never have ever said something as un-carring and cruel to you.....and I am sorry about your family, it must make you feel abandoned and I know from first hand that is in no way fun.

I want you to know that this site is very caring people here can't always get back to posts extremely fast, as most of us are going through crisis too, but most of the time posts get answered fairly fast.

But...this place is a wonderful support and it's like a big family...a place where you know you can share and people will understand and are going through similar things or have went through them, this is a place that you can feel safe and vent.

I want to :welcome: you to SF!!!!!! I hope you stick around and I hope we become good friends......

Please know I am here for you.


Hi Carolyn
Thankyou for your welcome and support, Ive had a look around the site and it looks very good and full of support, which I need at the min.
I shall look forward to chating to you
take care
susie xx:smile:
hey susie, all i can do is say echo what carolyn's said, i hope you stick around and find some support here :smile:


vikki xxx :hug:
:welcome: to SF. As the others have mentioned, this is a great site to get support. There are many people who can relate to what you are going through and will be more than willing to talk with you. I am one of them. Please feel free to PM me and I will get back with you as soon as I can. It helps to talk with those that have been through these times and understand. Take care hun. :hug:
Thankyou for all your welcomes they have made me feel better. Today was a better day. But my friend Lea has to go home for a while in a week or two, and I am dreading it, she has helped me so much the thought of her not with me is scaring me so much. My husband doesnt understand how I feel plus he is not the best of people so Im scared to be with him alone,
I am going to take a extra antidepressant tonite to see if two tabs a day can get me through I take zispin.
Thankyou all once again
take care
susie xxx


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'...your family hates you so you must be a bad person...' - NOT!! Not a nice supportive family, in my opinion.:dry: I'm sure you'll find lots of love and support here - I sure did! They saved my life over a year ago and that's why I come back again and again - to help others as I was helped and also when I feel like dirt it's nice to have a place where I know I'm loved.:smile:

Sending you love and hugs and hope,:smile: :smile:

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