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new here

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hi i found this forum via google because i was feeling very low. i am weaning off antidepressants and most of the time i feel like i would just like to stop "the fight". so i dont think i am trully suicidal but i would like help infinding a reason to live.


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Hi and welcome...glad you found us...when you feel comfortable, please tell us what is going on for you so that we can be there to support you...also, please consult your MD about how you are feeling having stopped your meds...I am sure s/he would want to know...welcome again, J


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Hi there and weldome to SF. Who decided that you should wean off meds? If it was your own, do you think you are ready yet? Take care.

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Just want to say hi and hope you find the support you need here Weaning off medication can be very difficult so i too hope you keep in touch with your doctor okay just for safety:hugtackles: measures hugs


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Hello, Welcome to SF! I hope you find the support you are looking for! If you need anything or need a friend or something don't hesitate to PM me. :) Can't wait to see you posting more! :hug: Take care!
thanks for all the welcomes. I have been looking around and reading posts. not sure if I should continue this thread or whether it is just for intros, but in answer to questions...i decided to taper off my meds after being on them for about 10 years. my decision was very influenced by "meds and I" messing up my relationship of over 20 years. so i did some research and found out some pretty startling things about antidepressants. my (new) doctor knows (after the fact) that I have cut down a lot. I feel no worse (depression wise) for being on a much smaller dose. GP has suggested I see a counsellor since i still have a mantra of "i wish i could cut my wrists" and "my life is over" which repeats itself in my head almost every day. so far i have not organised that. unlikely that i will. my particular form of depression makes me fairly incapable of action most of the time.

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Is there someone that can help you call and set up some councilling for you and even go with you the first couple of times. It will help you keep you safe hugs to you


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Welcome to the forums "N"..You say your wening yourself off the meds but you are still haveing bad thoughts.. Do you hear voices?? Maybe you should talk to your doctor about putting you on some skyzo meds..I'm on skyzo meds to help with the voices and seeing shadows..I'm not skyzo but the meds help with the thoughts..I hope to see you around the forums..
No I don't here voices. Except my own internal talk.
I had been on medication for depression for many many years.
After a very distressing break-up with my partner of over 20 years I started reading about anti-depressants and their long term use etc.
That's when I knew I had to kick the drugs.
I am still depressed. The way I look at it, its a bit like being an alchoholic. Every day of my life (should I stick with it) I will fight the depression. Some days I will win. Some days the BIG D seems to be winning, but as long as I live to fight another day I am ok.
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