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New here...

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Even at forums I have a hard time communicating with other people... just wann say hello to everyone. Hopefully I will not be ignored in this place...

total eclipse

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No you will not be ignored i just want to say hi and welcome you to SF
Chat room you can meet new people as well here anytime you want to talk hugs


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:sup: Welcome. I have a lot of trouble communicating as well, but this is a pretty friendly place and just incase you cant find the right words to say it has the biggest smilie list I have ever seen. :boogie::cool:


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welcome the unknown, I have found everyone nice and friendly and helpful. no one will ignore you, you just need to have a bit of patience for forum replies as it takes a lot for people to go through all posts while dealing with our own issues, but you wont be ignored :flowers::welcome:

is there anything in particular you feel you want to talk about?


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Nice to meet you. A lot of people find it hard at first to open up, members here are warm so you'll soon get into the swing of things! I hope you'll be able to talk more openly about your issues so you can work through them.
Nobody gets ignored here. Everyone needs all the care no matter how little. So, welcome to the forums and I hope you can meet a lot of friends. Tell us what's up.
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