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  1. julieanne

    julieanne New Member

    Hi I am a mess, am 40 years old, have a great husband, a job I like but I cant cope with life. I tried to commit suicide 18mth ago but failed miserably, have taken several small overdoses and am now waiting to be seen by a psychiatrist on Monday. But i feel I have brought all this on myself and once people know what i have done they would be glad i was dead. I am a compulsive liar when it comes to trying to reason why i am like i am. I have always been reallyinsecure and sensitive and never felt good enough to my parents. I feel they always put me down. but i have told professionals i was badly beaten which isnt true. I wished i had been as i dont think it would have hurt as much as the verbal comments did. I feel if i had been badly beaten it would be a reason for me being how i am. but there is no reason, i have always had difficulty just dealing with life. I dont know what to do, one of my best friends was previously a counsellor to me so i have actually got a friend who cares about me but probably for all the wrong reasons. she is still there for me and is a wonderful person and i dont know what i would do without her but i am so scared if i end it the truth will come out. I cut myself all the time and mess around with tablets, i wish i had the strength to end it without hurting anyone. On Monday i c a new psychiatrist and i am so sick of lying but dont know what else to do.
    Everything is a bloody mess
    What do i do
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    HI julieanne.. welcome to SF.. the verbal abuse by people who are supposed to love, support you hurts a ton also. those sores linger and affect you all the time.. have you ever done therapy with a good professional before the apt of yours on monday???? hope you get a good person to really talk to and be open with monday.. better to be reluctant to let it out at first than continue with the false stuff from you.. therapy is what you make it. lot of this is up to you.. it can really help you.. thanks for opening up here to us.. take care, Jim
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