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New hobby!

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I have a new hobby now, something to keep me occupied away from my mind! I order a lock picking set and recieved it yesterday, so I have a new art to learn now. I find it interesting and I'm enjoying it so far. An no I'm not gonna use it for illegal use!

So thats another one to add to my list of random hobbies...

1. Photography
2. Graffiti Artist
3. Poker
4. Poetry
5. Lock Picking

Bit of a random pattern.. I'm odd...

Lock picking? man that'd be soo useful... you have no idea how many locks I've had to boltcut at school haha because I'ma fogetting my keys all the time haha.


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any chance when youve got it down you could come here and help me open a padlocked box ive lost the key too? just promice not to look in the box :angel:
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