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Have met some members in the chat. I Dont usually share my information but

well, you dont need to know why I am here, I think thats quite obvious.
My real name is Sam. I'm female from England , Uk

ive been looking for a forum like this for a while. Im glad I found it, I dont think i'd be here right now, iff I hadn't found it. it's helpful to see so many post...they take the words out my mouth..
some people are afraid to talk about suicide, or listen to someone who is suicidal, it;s good there is 1 place to go. at least without being banned for talking the truth, for being suicidal, for being in pain aand desperately wanting to leave. All other sites ban. banning just makes people feel worse (ok, vent over)



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Hey Sam, welcome to the forum :) And I have to agree with you. I was on a site that would delete posts if anyone talked about suicide. It is something that needs to be talked about and I'm glad you found us.
Take care
Hello Sam! It was good to meet you last night in chat, and I'm glad you've found the site--it's very helpful to have a place to go where people get what you're talking about when you're feeling bad. Welcome!


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Welcome to the forums Sam.. They're preety leinant here but you can't talk about methods..You can vent here and get it all out..Take Care!!
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