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New laptop

So I've been looking at a new laptop for the past 7 months and I found one back in October I want. Well I happened to have a killer month at work and got a good bonus so I want to buy my laptop. I asked my friends and therapists and they all gave me crap for wanting to buy it. My laptop has been slow and doesn't load anything. I cant even zoom with my therapist anymore on it. So it's not a just I want thing. My friends just said its an irrational buy and that were in a pandemic and I shouldn't spend 800$ on a laptop. My therapist said I should keep my money and save Because I want to move in June. But I have my tax refund to save for that. I'm ahead on rent and car payment. I feel I worked hard I deserve a new laptop. Ive been doing really well at work. I finished top 2 in the company for the year so I dont feel my job is at risk.. Any advice? Am I being irrational?

I use my laptop for gaming. I'm into world of warcraft. I also create my own images and things when I'm doing wood burning projects and other crafts.


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@panda685 I spent a long time writing this answer, erasing it, re-wording it, talking about ways to speed up your existing machine (reinstalling the OS, checking for viruses, etc..), and trying to have you consider what $800 means to your current situation (is it a month's rent, two-weeks take-home pay, 1/2 a week's pay), and to consider what savings you have for emergencies.

But, I realized that the fact that you asked the question here indicates that you probably, deep down, know the "right" answer. Everyone is telling you to hold onto the money, but you are looking for more opinions. I'm not a therapist, and have no psychological training, but to me that indicates that you may feel that they are correct and it would make sense to hold on to the money, at least for now, but you do want a new laptop. Not just an "I want thing" as you stated, but if your current machine is slow, getting a new one would help and allow you to use to zoom with your therapist, and do other things that are no longer possible on your current machine. So I guess the question is: Are those things important enough to justify the spending of the $800, especially when taking into condsideration whatever factors the people who know you are trying to consider when they give their advice?

(for the record, I love new tech and I really wanted to just say "go for it", but I don't feel that is the "right" response)


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Well, it's your money for anything you deem necessary. It's irrational to keep listening to everyone's opinions but your owns on how to deal with the money you have.
Here is the requirements for the World of Warcraft for a bit of references to find the laptop you need, which may cost less than $800. Buying secondhand (or used) laptop is a practical thing to consider.


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for the record, i'm looking at new laptops too... might be wise advice they're giving but you know your spending habits, financial situation and wants more than anyone else does. a lot of people have been financially effected by the pandemic... but unless you have warning that your job or employer could be at risk of closure, imo, there's no use in what ifs/comparisons.

Also, the laptop could always be returned in the event money suddenly becomes tight. many places have 90 day warranties or longer if you want to spend on it.
Thanks for the replys. I have done alot of diagnosing and repair on my current one. I even did a complete system restore. It just doesn't want to work anymore. Its a dell hp beats laptop. I won it at work about 6 years ago. It just can't keep up with shadowlands. I'm currently looking at the asus tuf gaming laptop. It has great reviews and I think it will last me awhile. Financially I'm ok. I have everything paid, I'm head on all bills. I still have enough money to get me to my next check but everything I need is already bought. I've been average 2g in bonus every month so it's not gonna effect my finances. But I know my therapist is right. I don't have a savings pot.
My thoughts are this - as long as you are in a decent financial position, you should be free to spend your money on what you want. So it should be your decision - do you want to buy a new laptop now, or save for your move? And again, as long as all your bills are paid and you have enough money to make it through, either option is fine. For what it is worth, I don't think anybody should be criticising you buying a new laptop if you can afford it. *brohug


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Also, I think Best Buy has a thing where they let you pay by the month, or something like that (I've heard it's a good deal, but never tried it myself). So, I don't know if that would be a better/wiser option, or not? Economic-sense, wise! : ) I should be the last one to give advice on anything, especially computers & tehcnology! :D (but if I were in your shoes, I would want the benefits/rewards of a new one - for the reasons you've stated/mentioned above!) : )


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Hi @panda685
So I get the problem with having a laptop that barely runs, and you've done all the troubleshooting and it's just now at the end of it's life. I had the same problem with my old one. I always encourage people against impulse buying, because sometimes you haven't thought that though. You aren't talking about an impulse buy here though. You've thought this through. You've asked for opinions, you've saved up the money. You know your financial position better than the rest of us. If you're in the financial position to afford it, than I don't see why not. You've thought about this and weighed it.

I get people saying to save your money, but you're saying you're ahead on your bills. If I hadn't gotten great deal on a used laptop from someone I trust, I'd probably be in the same position you are. I helped my dad by a new laptop about a month ago, because his couldn't Zoom (so old it didn't have a camera). The people around you are encouraging you to be cautious, which is wise, and at the same time it's okay to get something you will use for a long time and will help you.

I probably didn't clear that up any for you. I don't think it's a bad decision though.
I bought it! Thanks for all the advice. At the end of the day it's just money. I'm resourceful and will figure things out when shit hits the fan. I know my spending habits come from my family. We grew up broke so as soon as we had a large amount of money we'd go buy fancy items despite bills being paid. I am not my parents tho. I paid all my bills first. This is my 2nd big purchase in the last 7 years since I moved out of my parents. I bought a new truck back in June because my vehicle was falling apart.

I bought the asus tuf ryzen 7 gaming laptop. After all my research and comparing what in my price range I believe I will be getting the best bang for my dollars. Also saved about 300$ buying from Amazon rather than Newegg and best buy.

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