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I wrote something longer but I lost it and now I aint gonna sit here and re-write it.

Anyway - I am here to try to help those who need it. I'm a good listener and I like to help. It makes me feel meaningful. I'm always the person someone goes to when he or she wants to open up about personal problems.

I've been suicidal once, so I can kind of relate.
What else... I live in Chicago, am a full-time student, 22 years old.

I understand that people aren't likely going to want to talk about personal matters with a total stranger, so I guess what I'm saying is that I'm here looking for friends.

I've helped two of my friends stay alive before, and the communication with both of them was via IM chatting.

So, anyone is free to contact me if you want to/need to. Not trying to be your mom here, but please talk to someone before you make a decision to do something bad. I can be your person if need be.

:hamster: Putting this here to lighten up the mood in my post.
Not open for further replies.

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