new member,puttin it out there, 5 of my poems, that kind of line up nicely.

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    That now,
    because we have learned of the falsity of this 'world',
    we may raise as a strong wind, mighty in all our ways...
    and that control is now ours..
    But a secret comes in through the window carried by a breeze,
    control no longer exists.
    And we sigh into the trees and REJOICE!

    And so we arrive...
    to that place long kept in a distant past.
    We trespass against our lives,
    and our Knowledge is left behind, no weighing us down!
    Yet, we ROAM where we may,
    And only breathe that good air.
    The threshold of this is our beginning.

    And so..
    we come quaintly across a rock...
    OR meet sharply against a boulder..
    And we BREATHE....
    Take in what you will, grasshopper.
    Enjoy observing the wonders.
    Do not lose yourself, be warned.
    And then maybe the rock is moved,
    or you hammer away at the boulder enough to get by,
    but there's more than a few slivers stuck in your head.
    And you'll go on...
    Keeping all acknowledgment away..
    And when you've gone on long enough that way,
    You'll have convinced yourself the rock no longer remains
    embedded in the rivers of your skull
    and the need to dirty your hands in it, subsides.

    And When will that time come when the constraints of this world will be lifted?
    Not as I roam the hills,
    not until after I'm buried far beneath the ground.

    And There...
    Can't you hear the beat of the drums in the wind?
    The tall trestles of trees,
    the leaves below sounding the marching feet of men in battle,
    as the leaves above sway the victory flag of their defeats
    and the blossoms decorate their uniforms,
    until the days when their pendants of bravery fall
    into the rotting piles below
    We can see the enemy.
    For it is we that our Mother fights...
    And we see why.
    Because with our metal warcraft, we have made it clear which side we're on.
    Mother no longer receives us at death,
    for we are not a desirous kind to be returned;
    or a deserving one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.