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    I just registered to this forum in hope of letting my frustration out. I'm sure nobody needs to hear another sad, hopless and pityful story. By writing this I hope I can find some sort of relief for the pain I'm enduring at this moment. I read some posts and threads on here that semi-helped me to get through things right now. People here are too kind :thumbup:
    All these years Ive coped my pain with all the wrong methods. I cutted myself, abused drugs and alcohol, and attempted suicide. (I know Im pathetic) This is smth new. I hope Im not wasting your time when you read this. To me it feels really good to know tht smby out there read whats I had to say.
    I was going to talk about my issues and problems yada yada but wow Im already feeling better..... i guess..... =]

    I only had 3 hours of sleep today and Im still not tired....

    thanks for reading this. :laugh:
  2. Oceans

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    welcome to SF
  3. Sadeyes

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    You are not are in is so good that you honored us with your story...please know that there are so many of us here that truly understand...and please continue to write and chat about how you are feeling...wishing you brighter times, and big hugs, J
  4. black dove

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    welcome xx
  5. gentlelady

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    :welcome: to SF candiz. I am glad you found us and that you are feeling a little better already. You will receive all types of support from this community. Feel free to share with us. :hug:
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    feel free to share your story (if you are upto it). hopefully somebody here can help you out. we will all try and support you as best we can.
  7. candiz

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    thank you so much for the hugs. I really appreciate it. =)