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Hi i'm n ew here. I suffer from severe bipolar disorder Thoughts of suicide endlessly consume me. It is my hope that this site will distract me from commiting suicide. Night time is the hardest on me , because no one is around. So, if anyone wants to chat late, please message me.

Hope to hear from you.
:welcome: to SF. I know what you mean about nights being the worst. They are hard for me too. I am sure you will find company to help you through the nights. We have people from all over on the forum so night may be day for someone else. Anyway, welcome. :hug:


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Welcome to the forum.:smile: I know you'll find many people here at all times of day or night to listen to you and help to distract you from your self-destructive impulses. We care about each other here and you won't find a better group of friends anywhere.:smile:


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Welcome to sf here we all listen to each other, and we always have a place for you. i know that nights are lonely and that´s why we are here. just remember pm me anytime if you need to talk
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