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Hi, I joined a few days ago...
I've had depression probably my whole life...with some short periods inbetween of relief but other than that...of course, I can't be sure if I had it as a *very* young child as I don't remember most of my life before 10 years old. I think some things must have happened to make me block so much of that...but I still don't know exactly what.
Anyways, I'm in a majorly depressive period of my life right now, everything seems to be going wrong. I lost my job, I failed classes at school for a career that I really really really wanted, my health has been horrible and recently I had to go to stay twice in the hospital, having a surgery done the first time and the second time a procedure done to get what was missed, my car broke down for the last time and now I have no car...as you have probably guessed finances are extremely tight...and I have been having serious issues in my relationship...but now that seems to be coming to an end, as he told me yesterday he is leaving. So I've been having multiple problems that are seriously putting a strain on me...and yes I have had suicidal thoughts...I don't know what else to say right now..that was tough enough. That's the jist anyways.

jane doe

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Welcome to the forum. here doesn´t matter the financial issues, we all here try to help each other and you can feel free to pm me at anytime.if you feel down, talk to us, if you think you can´t go on...we will be here for you, so remember pm me at any time, and once again Welcome. Take care:)


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Hey Welcome to SF

If you ever need anything just ask :wink:

^i think Ally meant tight btw.

Luv Josh
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Greeting earthlings, I'm not new, just to this forum...life sucks, hows that for an intro. I've suffered with depression for over 40 years and I'm tired of the struggle. Along with the depression is the relationship, money and all other issues that comes when suffering from a mental illness. But basically I just want peace of mind and I don't see it coming. Can you imagine after 40 years that I might be just a little disillusioned and pissed off? So right now I'm dealing with a lot of anger, and I'm not really sure where this anger is giong to take me. I have been feeling self destructive lately which I have never felt this strong about before. So I guess I will go with what is, whatever that will be.
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