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I don't know where else to post this so thought i'd post here. I been going through alot lately id on't know where to start i guess with i just graduated from college in july. i have a 2.5 yr old son i'm a single mother and i'm in A.A. There is a possibility i might be pregnant again (by a different guy) and i just got a job at a hotel as a housekeeper. i got so sick the other day i couldn't breathe so i had to come home from work and i haven't gotten off the floor too much in the last few days and i lost 9 lbs in one day. the only real reason i'm living is for my son he has saved my life time and time again. i know i need a reason for myself to live but i get emotionally attached to almost everything/everyone and that's how i get hurt i also i have cut and attempted suicide in the past and as of late i had an apiphany. i always thought i was scared of heights but in the last few weeks i realized it's not heights i'm scared of..........it's me. i'm scared of jumping from that height and killing myself. like i said what's stopping me is my son and that's why i'm scared otherwise i don't fear death i welcome it. just wondering if you have any advice as to what i can do. i've seen counsellors, psychiatrists and 2 years ago was in the psychiatric ward at the hospital for 2 months because i was raped (NOT by my sons father though).

oh and recently my mother said that me and my 2 sisters were a waste of time raising and we're good for nothing. it seems the only one she cares about is her own grandson which she treats like her son
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:hiya: :)

nice to have met you in chat :hug:

sorry you are having such a rough time but i hope that the forum helps you and that you find some good support here :hug:


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hello hazel. welcome to SF. hope the health problems you have currently get better real soon.. do what you have to in order to stay safe. take care, Jim
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