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New nd Depressed...I guess

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by JusLivin, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. JusLivin

    JusLivin New Member

    I'm new on here but I've had bouts with my feelings for yrs. I'm nineteen now nd I first started thinking about ending everything when I was 16. I was n a bad relationship and my dad was dying was dying of cancer. I swore if he died I would take my life cause I couldn't imagine living without him. He did die but I was pregnant at the Tim and looked at it as a sign to keep going. It's been two yrs now and a big part of me feels like I should have done it anyway. Now I have a child who I can barely support, I had a job but I lost it. Nd I've been living in my brothers house for over a yr and I have to move out by June. I don't have any money and no where to go. The only thing I have is a car. I got up this morning and packed my bags to just leave. And keep driving as far as the little money I do have would take me. I'm to the point of doing that or just leaving this world. And since money is tight nd leaving my child as a burden is somethin I couldnt live with I'm edging more toasted just ending it all. I've sat and cried so many times. I don't know what to. I feel like there's no point in going on.
  2. Ringo

    Ringo Well-Known Member

    You need to hold on for your kids sake. Stay at your brothers for the moment and get help from somewhere. Things are never as hopeless as they seem.
  3. LonerForever

    LonerForever Well-Known Member

    Ringo is right. You carried your child as he/she grew inside of you. Doesn't that show how amazing you are simply for that? You have achieved one of the purest, most natural and most beautiful things in the universe and no matter how bad things get, your child is always going to be there for you. Providing you with love just as much as you give to them.

    Keep holding on. For your Dad's sake, for your child's sake, and for your sake.
Thread Status:
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