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New...really new...

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To be perfectly honest Im not even sure if this is the right place for me...but it seems like a place with really nice and friendly people which is something I really want to be a part of. The entire community. And to do that I guess you need to know a little about me...

My name is Timothy, Tim for short. Im fifteen years old and I live in greymouth new zealand. Im kinda chubby, and get picked on for it at school. I work on mcdonalds were...im a below average employee...they keep telling me to move faster and to get my "line times" below a minute thirty and I do try, i really do...but i just cant manage it...

I have self-diagnosied dispraxia which I like to believe I have because then all the problems, or most of them anyway, that I have in my life really arent my fault...

But I guess they are. I live with my mother, in a rather large house. My father and mother were never togther since I was born, he didnt even sign my birth certificate, and he ended up in jail. (Google "Philip HydeHarris" for the story). I have one older brother who moved three hours away and is making a good living so Im happy for him.

I havent had the best lucky with the oppisote sex...which is kinda what makes me so sad most of the time...And in nearly all socail situations i just feel like a complete outsider....

I wish life were like a video game, because I really need a restart botton...

But thats all from me, I hope to be around here a bit...

Catch you guys. :smile:
Welcome Tim!!! I am glad you found this site, hopefult it helps even in the slightest. I am glad you decided to join though, it means theirs still hope, you are still hanging in there, and I admire that of you. I would say you cxan message me on MSN anytime, but.. I see you already added me! :tongue:

I hope to talk with you soon, you can message me anytime, I am here for you :hug: :hug:


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:welcome: to SF Tim. I am glad yoy found us. Of course you are in the right place. We are a great bunch of people with a lot of support to give. We help each other through the rough spots. Take care. :hug:


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Welcome to the forum, Tim. It's been a long time since I was 15 - ha ha - but I can still remember being made fun of and left out for being "different" than my classmates.:sad: You won't find that here - we're all "different" and don't judge others for that... besides, I've always found "normal" people to be sort of dull... in my humble, far-from-normal opinion, that is!:wink:



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hi tim welcome to the forum, you´ll see that you´ll find here a lot of people who feels like you and you will make friends really fast. i hope you enjoy being here like i do and remember you can pm me at any time if you ever need or want to talk. take care buddy and i hope to see you around!!
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