New Therapist--Nervous!!!

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by PhoenixAgain, Sep 8, 2016.

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    I start with a new therapist today. I had a therapist save my life when I had an eating disorder, but since then they've not been so great.

    I've had friends say they sometimes spend 3 hours a session with a therapist. I absolutely refuse to do that. I can go an hour tops. I can't even watch 3 hour movies. At work, I can never remember anything that happens after the first hour because I just shut off.

    Anyway, I am petrified.

    Aside from the way too long sessions, my other red flags are:

    People that don't think men can get eating disorders.

    Yoga--I know it works for some, but I am not going to do that.

    Dance therapy--It lightened my mood for a second but not to the point where it was the answer.

    Breathing exercises--Come on? I've tried these. They may work for some.

    The second I say anything, the therapist prints something off the computer.--I know how to Google.

    I need someone that is going to talk me through my issues where I am too attached to my wife and build me back into something other than this self loathing, depressed, anxiety laden mess.

    I see him in 2 1/2 hours.

    Thanks for reading. I hope things are well for you.
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    Hugs. I hope the session goes well.
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    How did your session go? Good I hope =) keep us updated.
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    I hope your session today went well and that you managed to connect with this therapist! It is so important to have a strong bond between the two of you. I was very resistant to some of the suggestions made by my therapist and Dr - BUT when I ended up pretty well rock bottom, I gave everything a chance - what did I have to lose! So now mindfulness, yoga and working on sobriety are all part of my daily routine - HATED all of them to start but once it becomes routine, you stop thinking of how ridiculous it is and EVENTUALLY (its not an overnight thing), you recognize SOME benefits...and if you can't find any benefits, its better to do whatever activity instead of self harm, drink/use - or whatever your vice is.