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Hello there everyone, this is my first time i have ever been on a forum like this. My name is Joel and i live in Nyköping, Sweden. I keep all my real thoughts and emotions to myself.
I am not good at anything exept lying, botteling up emotions and breaking promisess.

I hope i can get help here because i could eally need it right now and i don't trust nor like anyone around me. If u want to know something like why i ended up like i am now just ask away with a PM and maybe i will post something about my life later aswell.


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Welcome to sf Joel!!:smile: I'm sure you'll find many compassionate loving people here to listen to you and commiserate with you when you feel the need to rant and rave. I deeply love my friends here and feel as I've known them for a long time - distance and "real life" notwithstanding. Again, welcome:smile: , and don't hesitate to post or PM us with your circumstances and feelings.

love and hugs,


jane doe

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welcome to the forum, here we all take care of each other so if you need help or let it all out don´t hesitate in pm me. i know how hard is trust in people but noone will judje you here. hope to see you around. take care joel.
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