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New to the forum - anorexia survivor

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Hey, after battling with anorexia for almost two years, i have now been in full recovery for almost three. Its an awful experience, one that no one deserves to suffer. My main reason for posting on this forum is to let anyone who is experiencing an eating disorder that I am here for support xx:smile:
Wow thank you.
Its awesome that you are in recovery, im new to the forum aswell and am attempting recovery from my ED..mainly anorexia but dont fit all the criteria for restrictive type. I know other s in my area who have different ED's and we are all at different stages. Its weird when these behaviors first started i thought they were pretty normal... but im glad their not and that is possible to get better from them.


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Really nice to hear from someone who is in recovery. It really feels as though it is a lifelong battle at most times, so it's always nice to hear people who feel fully recovered. Thank you for offering your support. :hug:
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