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    Well I'm a 19 year old girl with issues and i don't know where to run sometimes. I feel like I have so much to say but then again, cant find the right words to express them or something. I think I'm really confused about everything & i bullsh*t myself about things all the time. I only hurt myself and i have no idea how to make this all stop. I don't really want to go to a doctor or see a therapist about this just for them to tell me I might be diagnosed bi-polar, or have depression, or anxiety, or whatever they want to tell me. I can tell you already I might be one of those things or maybe nothing at all, either way, I refuse my mom to spend her money on me over this; maybe I'm wrong for this. Anyways, im on this site just to see if maybe i can connect with someone who understands me.. im not necessarily looking for advice, although ill keep it in mind for when i am ready to take it. Its hard, i dont even know what im saying anymore.. i lost my train of thought.
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    Hi TR93 this place is a good place to just vent rant whatever hun it helps The labels the doc gives you doesn't matter hun what matters is you get stability and if your mother wants to help you do that then let her ok Do not waste years and years like i have not when there is help and support for you hugs
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    Thank you! i appreciate it. My mom doesnt know exactly what im going through. she has problems of her own & is getting treatment for it, so i dont really wanna put more onto her. i love my mom & all, but im scared to end up like her. shes so miserable and depressed and i see myself heading down the same road. I've recently been having anxiety attacks here & there, which has led me to consider getting SOME type of help. I just want the pain to leave & go away. i feel like i know whats going on but something in me refuses to be better, to be happy or like you said, stable. *sighs* i want to enjoy the rest of this year before i turn 20 in december; or at least enjoy my 20s.
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    Hey, welcome to the site. I have trouble expressing myself too, so I usually turn to writing to let my feelings out. I'm sorry to hear you are going through such a hard time, but here you will find people who will listen, and understand. You definitely won't be alone or misunderstood here.
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    i feel the support & good vibes here. i greatly appreciate it all. I write too, but its like theres never enough lines on a paper or enough pages in a notebook. i honestly keep coming back to see what responses i get but have no idea how to respond back. i just appreciate a simple ear to hear me out, but the words wont come out of my mouth. :x
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    At least with here there is no rush to go into everything.

    Welcome to sf.

    Have you considered looking at what you do/what your mum does and seeing if there's similarities/ways in which things can be changed? From what you've said you don't want to go down the same path as her, and seeking help/support/guidance/advice would be considered a wise route.