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new to this place

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hello everyone, im 20 years old an ive been planning my death for the past 4 months...its only a few dayz from my judgement day an i came across this website a little late but i figured id join anywayz for now...id hope to get to know some of you and help out where i can...even though i dont plan on being around much longer...i didn't come here for help as im well aware no words can help me...other wise i'd already be fine!! but ya Hello!!!

Welcome to SF hun. Glad you found us, there's still hope for you, other wise you wouldn't have registered. Hang in there and if you ever need annything don't hesitate to contact me, hope to see you around here soon.

:hug: :hug: :hug:

hey huni... welcome and please dont ehsitate to talk to any of us if you feel you need it. its better to be here talking than not be here regretting...


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Dear Ixtab;

Welcome to the forum. Just the act of registering and posting says that part of you, no matter how small a part, is still hoping. Come here often to vent and get support and perhaps you'll feel better about yourself and not decide to kill yourself. While there's life there's hope, I sincerely believe that.:smile:

love and hugs,

thank you for the warm welcome everyone!!! ofcourse i expected it considering ppl in pain seem to be the most caring ppl in the world...i suppose suffering does make you a better person in the end.

FYI- Ixtab is the mayan godess of suicide...ya probably dont care but i figured i'd mention for those who think my name is mumbo jumbo :tongue:
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There was a goddess of suicide? This I did not learn in my Maya readings...interesting.

Indeed there was.


Fascinating isn't it, the different values different cultures have had when it comes to suicide as being either honorable/disgraceful?
:welcome: to SF. You are right about people in pain being some of the most caring. It is not too late for you hun. I hope you can find a reason to go on. We are here to support you as well as gain knowledge from your experiences. Feel free to talk to us. :hug:
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