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New to this place

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Hi. I'm Chris, and I am a musician. I'm here like the rest of the people here, so my reason is already known. I just pulled myself out of a rather dark period (to comply with forum rules, I'll just say that they were things that made me see things) and now I'm being decimated from the inside out. I'd like to talk to somebody here that could give me a little comfort, as all other hopes have failed... Thanks and I hope to get to know you in the future.



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hi Chris,
Welcome to the forum.
I hope you feel safe and comfortable here, and that you find
what you are looking for,I am pretty sure you will find comfort
and understanding in this forum.
I hope to read more about you in the future, I read your other
post allready and it gives a rather clear picture of how you feeling.
I hope this place will bring you new hopes, perhaps the idea of having a listening hear, people that can relate is allready hopefull?
Feel free to post whenever you need or feel like, and you can reach me also trough pm, like most of us here:)
take care


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:welcome: to SF Chris. I hope you are able to find the comfort you are seeking. There are many people who would be willing to talk with you. Many will understand what you are feeling. This is a great place for that. PM me if you would like. Take care. :hug: BTW, I am also a musician. :)
:welcome: to the Forum Chris :)
I hope you find what you're looking for here :) What do you play? I can't get access to a kit anymore, but I used to play drums :)
Well, I hope to see you around.
Take care, and if you need anything, feel free to PM :)



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Hi Chris,
Glad to read your posts, welcome!!! Rant, vent, express and disagree.
this is the place. PM's for support too.



hey - WELCOME! I too used to be a profesisonal musician - am about anytime if you need to talk :)

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