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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Anon1989, May 29, 2013.

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  1. Anon1989

    Anon1989 New Member

    Im new to this forum but i have been reading a lot of peoples stories and mine just seems so minor in comparison.
    I understand that things could be a lot worse but i just cant handle it anymore.
    I have debt i cant pay, my GF left me and i had to move back home, i have friends but they dont really care, not really.
    I feel she was the only one keeping me together, she knew how bad my depression was getting and she tried to help but i just pushed her away. So much so that she left and now i have no one.
    I want to die, so so bad but i cant to it to my family, i dont even think they care TBH but i just cant do it.
    2 nights ago i stood in the rain for over 4 hours waiting <mod edit - method>
    But no, i stepped out of the way as i watched it go by, walked home and cried myself to sleep again.
    I hate my job, my family, my friends, everybody and everything.
    Every day i feel worse and worse. I dont know what to do now, i couldn't bring myself to end it, so whats left? Live a life i hate till i die of natural causes?
    I just want some help, i dont know what just something.
    Thank you
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  2. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome. No issues are too small or insignificant, and there are a few people who will give you time. Some will give advice, some will give sympathy/empathy, hope you get some of what you want.
  3. Anon1989

    Anon1989 New Member

    Thank you unimportant, im honestly not sure why im here or what i expect to get.
    I just felt it was right for me to be here.
    It seems like forums like this may save a lot of lives, make people see that life is worth living.
    Its nice to see that some people truly care for people they dont know and may never know
    Thank you
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