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  1. NotAnotherUserName

    NotAnotherUserName Banned Member

    I have always thought about visiting new York and how wonderful it would be to see the Empire state building up close, even though I have not been yet, I still have several years of my life to go and visit new York, maybe even with a loving family kids and a husband. Well I was drawing up my plans for the future last night and was writing poems and songs, so here is my poem called "New York dream" The tittle was inspired by "The American dream" So hope you enjoy reading it.

    I have always dreamt of what it would be like
    To go to New York city
    Visiting tall towers over centimetres high
    Visiting tourist attractions from all around

    I look through my dream
    I see bright light at night
    The whole city lite up high
    With bright colours and party's all night

    As I have never been to new York
    Never lived their on foot
    Neither have I seen the New York flag
    So I am more than unsure of what it is like
    To live the unforgettable new York dream

    I have not visited many places of the world
    I have gone from places like Ireland, Japan, Austria and more
    But I have never filled my true hope of visiting New York City
    Seeing the tall tower through Google only makes me dream on

    Oh, dear New York
    The wonders and hopes you have bought in to my life
    I hope to visit the Empire Estate Building And all the many attractions
    Tourists wondering around, like a bunch of confused people,
    I am one of them, now it's time to fill my New York Dream


  2. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    Come on down, we'd love ta see yuzz.

    - New Yorker
  3. NotAnotherUserName

    NotAnotherUserName Banned Member

    Aww, bless. Thank you for replying, thought nobody liked it :s
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