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new zealand girl saying hi

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I remember this site. I've been here before.
My mum blocked it, because she thought I was "finding ways to get attention"
But I remembered "SF = Support" and googled it one day in school. Now I'm back, in a time when I really need help
Thank you, guys, for having this website where I won't have to hold back. I won't be judged.

Hi :)


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Hiya! Nice to meet you. :) I'm glad you've joined the forums here. Enjoy! :hug: With kindest personal regards...Mr. A
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Welcome back to the forums..Take your time and read some of the threads and replys to get a feeling of how this place works or go in chat and talk away..


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Nice to see you here!

Stinks that your mom thinks that...I don't understand why some parents deny such things.

Welcome back!
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