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Hi, I'm new here. I just need a place to talk about my problems. This seemed to be a friendly, open place to do so. I suffer from depression, I am on medication for it. Right now I am suffering from thinkign I'm fat. Ive made a post on it.

Im 20 years old. A single mother who lives at home with her mother and I can't keep a job to save my life. Daycare is nearly non-existent here. So that sucks too. I live in BC canada. Nice to meet you all


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Welcome to SF. I am glad you found us and are willing to share about yourself. I look forward to seeing you around the forum more. :hug:


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Welcome to the forum!:smile: I'm sure you'll find love and support and friendship here - I sure did!:smile: Please feel free to post your problems, or just rant, in any forum that seems appropriate to what you're feeling at the time. We're all good listeners and understand how far a little kindness can travel and how much good it can do.

Welcome again!!!:smile: :smile:

Welcome to SF hun!! glad you found us...I hope you find the help and support and friendship I have found here!! :hug: I'm here if you'd ever like to talk... :hiya:


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hi and welcome here Ravendaen. I'm glad you found your way to SF and I hope you'll find all the support you're looking for over here. Feel free to PM me anytime.

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