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  1. flybackbreastfree

    flybackbreastfree New Member

    yea so im new here and caught in quite the dilemma:
    i tried to kill myself last april (bad method-not enough research) and failed
    now not to toot my own horn, but im smart enough to do it right the second time. but my parents would be devestated. but i would b happy. so should i stick around through inescapeable misery or do something for myself? just another way that life sucks
  2. zaraki

    zaraki Active Member

    Hi flylbackbreastfree. It must be a difficult situation you're facing right now. I know you might want to end it, but continue to think about your parents. You're right, they would be devastated if you did what you plan to do. Try to get help. See a counselor and tell them your problems. Talk to us about your problems, we'll help you too. I know life sucks, but your parents would feel horrible if you did that. They would blame themselves for the loss. So don't give up just yet. We'll willing to help you if want help.
  3. Shyfear

    Shyfear Well-Known Member


    I know what you're going through. I'm actually thinking about that a lot as well. It's a hard decision to make because you've suffered so long and you just want the pain to stop.

    Do your parents know that you are depressed? If not you should tell them. I know it may be hard. But if you tell them, then they canget you help. They can arrange for you to see a counselor as Zaraki said, or they can make an appointment with a doctor for medication. Have you tried any of these? I think you should try them, they may help you and you could live a very happy life.

    My sister died by suicide in March and my parents were torn apart. I have never seen my mother cry until the day of her funeral. Everytime she talks about my sister I can hear the tears in her voice. My father has alzhiemers and he dreamt that it was me who died. To this day he still calls me by my sisters name and thinks it was me who died. He has gotten so much worse because of the depression that her/my death brought on, he cannot even make a simple sentence anymore. My mothers mental state has been drastically altered as well because of the pain of my sisters death.

    I know it's hard. But please try to hold on for them. Try to get help. It's worth a shot isn't it? Your parents need you here.

    I hope this helped a little bit. Please talk to me if you need anything.
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