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Hi everyone. I'm just a new member wandering the internet late at night trying to find someplace to talk. I do have reasons to live but I am having a hard time right now, uncovering trauma and dealing with a lot of stress to boot and just want a place where I'll be understood and not judged for having suicidal feelings at times.

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Hi glad you found us and are reaching out for some support here anytime if you want to pm me or just vent Welcome to SF lot of kind people here so keep posting okay so we get to know you more hugs


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hi ssrisfail welcome to sf no one will judge you here,the best way to start is just let it all out once its all out you feel a good sense of relief im sure
take care see ya around


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Welcome to SF!

To me this is the best place to go if you need to talk about anything. :) We will listen and won't judge! <3 Feel free to PM me if you need anything!


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Welcome to SF :)

I personally find that no one's really judged me. I hope your experience here is good as well, and I hope you find the support you're looking for!
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