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newbie intro to say hello

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hi i have been reading posts for a week or so,and thought i should introduce myself.i go by the username scooby,and i have been dealing with depression for about 5 years.the last year and a half have really taken their toll on me though.i had a relationship break up and my brother was diagnosed with ms.

after those incidents i found concentrating on my job increasingly difficult, to save the embarrassment of failing at work,i gave up my job.i knew deep down i was breaking up,but did'nt mention it to anyone other than doctor.they prescribed me fluxotine(unsure of spelling)but it did'nt stop any of the thoughts.i stopped taking medication,and for a while i felt better.but now their back with avengence,the idea of giving up and finishing it just wont go away.what bothers me and prompted me to register on this site,is how calmly i think about ending it.

i dont know if im seeking advice,someone like minded to discuss issues with,a way to let of steam or if i just want to tell someone how it has been for me,before checking out.anyway i will leave it there for now .im 32 and writing this has been the most draining expierience of my life.seeing it in words makes it somehow seem more real.

look forward to meeting some of you on the forum,and i hope it was'nt so long an intro as to make it boring.


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Welcome to the forum

Scooby as in Scooby Doo? I lurv Scooby Doo!

If you ever need anything don't be affraid to ask.


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Welcome to the forum Scooby =)
I hope you can find what you're looking for :hug:

Take care,
I'm always hre to talk,
Ally _%
:welcome: to SF scooby. You will find many people to talk with here that understand what you are feeling. Talking can be very helpful sometimes. We are here to offer support in any way we can to help you feel better about your situation. Take care. :hug:

jane doe

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welcome to the forum. here we all try to help each other so don´t hesitate in pm me. here you will find people who will want to talk about what you aren´t able to talk with other people, because here we all feel related to each others feelings. i hope you find here the understanding you´re looking for. Take care;)


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Welcome to the forum!!:smile: This is a loving international community of people with problems who help other people with problems. We're good at listening and giving support so don't be afraid to ask.:smile:




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Hi and welcome.im really sorry the past year and a half have taken such a toll on you.im glad you have found us and i hope you will find the site useful.There is some fantastic people here!!!Welcome and if you ever feel the need to talk please feel free to PM [private message] me anytime.

Hope to see you around and well done for being brave enough to post!!!i certainly know what you mean by feeling drained though.......

Take care and best wishes for now
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