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  1. Hi Im new here and wanted to share a little about myself. To be honest I attempted suicide 27 times and am amazed Im still here, last year in april was the worst one yet I was put on life support because I died but they revived me I was so mad when I woke up. I dont really believe in God so I dont know why Im still alive I dont want to be anymore and I am tired of failing at all these attempts. For that attempt I spent 3 months in the hospital and I had a pneumonia because I aspirated and the doctor swore up and down I was going to be brain dead because I passed out face down and never moved until my brother found me which was about 2 1/2 hours later. but just wanted to say hi and hopefully make new friends here
  2. hey :hug:

    welcome to the forum :) I am glad that you found us. I am sure that you will get lots of support here and make some good friendships :)

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    Hey mudvayneXxXgurl,

    Im a newbie too, similar circumstances just hoping to meet a few people who understand what im going through.
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    hi! 27 times?! OMG! hey, you`re alive for a reason! by the way, can you share with us why you wanted to die? by knowing a little more about you, we could help you or understand you better.
  5. Well I want to die because of all this stress in my life I was molested by my brother and sister when I was a baby I was adopted by a family that didnt even like me because I had a different skin color than white. I was molested by my adopted Dad from the time I was six to the time he died which by then I was 15. I dont have support for anything. I just truly dont want to be here.
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    first things first i want to say :welcome: to the forum here. i genuinely believe there are plenty of supportive people here willing to listen and share. so i hope you find this will be helpful for you.

    secondly i am sorry to hear of the abuse you've had to endure. i too was adopted and although i wasn't a different color my parents rarely had anything to do with me and when they did it was abusive. it's hard when you already feel so alone.

    you're not alone anymore we're here. if you ever want to talk my pm box is open. please take care
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