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im mind im 19 soon to be 20 in the UK, i suffer from depression , abuse issues, ocd, anxiety , list is endless.

im currently have suicidal thoughts but trying to keep them at bay

i hope to get to know you all and help you along the way.

Mind x

ps downinthedumps introduced me to this place, thanks hun hugs x


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Hi Mind and welcome to SF, I hope that you find the help and support you need here, we are a very mixed bunch and many people will be able to relate to the problems you have.

Take care Hazel xx


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Welcome, alot of the people here suffer from similar things and can offer a friendly ear if you ever need to talk, the chat room is also a nice place to just chill and chat even if it isnt about depressing things :).

hope to see yo uaround the forum alot!


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Welcome and I hope you can find the help you deserve here, hope we can help you out. :smile:


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heya, i suffer from tourette's syndrome...i can relate to the ocd farly you are not entirly alone...toss me a pm is you like...and welcome to the group...
:welcome: to SF. You will find many people that have things in common with you. They are open to discuss almost any issues. I am sure you will find what you are looking for. Take care. :hug:
Welcome :smile:

Here to offer my support, pm me anytime if you'd like

otherwise very nice to meet you! and hope you find this place as helpful as I have :biggrin:

Take care
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