Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Kri_Kristen, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. Kri_Kristen

    Kri_Kristen New Member

    I guess I should start with my name, it's Linda. You can call me Lyn, it's shorter.
    I turned 15 today and it has been the worst birthday of my life...
    I've been depressed lately(quite a lot, actually), and I'm not sure if I'm suicidal, but... Don't know how to describe it.

    Anyway, I hope I will be helped to feel better and I also hope I'll help others too.

    You all seem like nice people, so...

    Oh well, hello!
  2. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    :smile:Hey hun. Welcome to SF!!
  3. nagisa

    nagisa Staff Alumni

    Welcome to SF. :hug:


  4. Beret

    Beret Staff Alumni

    :welcome: to SF
  5. andyc68

    andyc68 Guest

    welcome to sf lyn

    i hope you find the help you are after hun

    stay safe

  6. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    welcome to the forum lyn :hug:
  7. Lead Savior

    Lead Savior Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum
  8. Emptysoul

    Emptysoul Well-Known Member

    Welcome, hope ou get any help you need
  9. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    Hi Lyn. Welcome to the forum. :hug:
  10. possessednomad

    possessednomad Well-Known Member

    Hi lyn, and welcome :biggrin:
  11. *dilligaf*

    *dilligaf* Staff Alumni

    Welcome to the forum
  12. Casey.

    Casey. Well-Known Member

    Hi hun, an welcome.
    I hope you know that my PM box is always open if you ever need support, and I hope you feel better.
  13. carol2237

    carol2237 Guest

    Welcome to the forums hun. I hope you can find the support you need here, and know that my PM box is always open if you need to talk. Take care,

  14. liveinhope

    liveinhope Well-Known Member

    Hi Lyn and a warm welcome to the forum glad you decided to join us :smile:
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