News Story: Why I prescribe drugs for suicide, by Dignitas doctor

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by worlds edge, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. worlds edge

    worlds edge Well-Known Member

    I think this is on balance a good idea, personally. Doubtless the author is referring only to the terminally ill, but who knows where something like this might end up.

  2. Tecky

    Tecky Well-Known Member

    I think this is a good idea too. Besides those terminally ill, the drugs should also be available to people in 3rd world countries such as Singapore. We truly absolutely have no hope. Like cancer patients, many Singaporeans cannot hope for anything except death to take away the pain.

  3. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Singapore is not a 3rd world country.
  4. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Sounds wonderful :)
  5. TheWr0ngChild

    TheWr0ngChild Well-Known Member

    Should this not be in soap box?
  6. TheWr0ngChild

    TheWr0ngChild Well-Known Member

    Africa or India is in the poorest parts. People there have maybe a bowl of rice a day to look forward to, no clean drinking water, no clean clothes, no safe shelter, AIDS and allsorts of nasty things. Singapore is not like this. The government might be different to say the US or UK, but at least you have living essentials. Losts of Brits move to Singapore for a better life!
  7. Rosenrot

    Rosenrot Forum Buddy

    It should be saved for the people who are obviously terminally ill and suffering on a large scale, and prohibited from those who are just depressed.

    It really isn't a bad idea, knowing you're going to die soon and suffering bad (i don't mean depression) really isn't going to help anyone live..
  8. Tecky

    Tecky Well-Known Member

    Singapore may not be as bad as Africa, but I still say it is '3rd world'. The better part of the 3rd world perhaps, but 3rd world nevertheless.

    And I am saying this as a person who has been living here for the past 30 odd years of my life. I was born and bred here.

    I don't want to sound like I am going on the offensive but may I ask if you people who contradicted me (about whether Singapore is 3rd world or 1st) are Singaporeans like me? And where did you get information about Singapore? From the press? From fellow British or American holidaymakers?

    It is true that we have clean water, food and safe shelter, BUT so do the animals staying at the London Zoo. Actually, I am exchanging emails with a farmer dude living in Texas, and judging from his stories of farm life, his farm dogs get better food, cleaner water and safer shelter than I. Would you like to be a dog or monkey at the zoo? Why not? They have clean water and food!

    What I am trying to say it... We are humans. We NEED more than just water, food and shelter to survive. Take a look at your prisons and asylums. Are those inmates happy? Are they thriving? Can you tell me how many of them 'self-destruct' every year? Why are they not living a healthy life? They have food and water. And check out the concrete walls of maximum security prisons! You won't find 'safer' shelters than that! Let me also ask you if you would consider the regime inside maximum security prisons to be '1st world' or '3rd world'? If you consider life inside a prison, because it has food and water, to be '1st world', then you go move in for a 'better' life.

    In conclusion, it is possible to get water, food and shelter AND still be living in '3rd world' conditions. Also you did not consider that many in Singapore can't even afford that. Dudes and Dudettes, Singapore do not exactly have you guys might call a 'free press', so the many Singaporeans forced to live on the streets (without food, water and shelter) are not reported. Food, water and shelter come with a hefty price tag here; and not all can afford.

    By the way, in case you people don't know, North Korea has clean food and water too and luxurious shelter. For the elite class of course. Would you take snap shots of the elites dining on lobster, fine wine inside their mansions and list North Korea as a '1st world' country?

    Look, I don't really want to go into the socio-political aspect here ok? Because even though I am suicidal, I do not want to be tortured to death. I kinda want my death to be as painless as possible, which might not happen if I start going heavy on the socio-political aspect (such as the lack of human rights, democracy etc). At the very least, if the powers that be decide to be lenient, they will still take away my money. Which means I won't be able to do my '100 things to do before I die' thingies. And I really really do want to die happy. There are so many people I want to see before I die you know and I have so much presents I want to give them...

    At this point, some smartie pants will probably come out and say 'no Singapore is not a 3rd world country because...' or 'Look, it is just as bad in USA'. OK... In that case, whoever wants to say that to me, how about we do a deal? You gimme your USA citizenship and I give you my Singapore citizenship. You come here and live in Singapore if you think it is '1st world'.

  9. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    I knew a girl who moved to Singapore because of her Dad's job. She was fine. The laws are harsh, but the streets are some of the cleanest in the world and there is very little crime. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know of course. And I'm not saying that you shouldn't be unhappy with where you live, because we all have different needs and different ideas of where we would like to live, but calling Singapore "3rd world" is not even close to being accurate. So, have you tried finding jobs or possibly getting a work visa so that you can live and thrive somewhere else? How difficult is it to expatriate from Singapore?
  10. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    "The excision of bladderstones is not immoral and the same can be said for a socially approved termination of pregnancy administered by a doctor."

    BOY there's a loaded statement. It subsumes a large hyopthetical ("socially approved") that is valguely defined. Furthermore, give me a break--the conception of life is hardly the same the as a freaking bladder stone.

    Lastly, "The excision of bladderstones is not immoral and the same can be said..." well shit, CAN BE and debatable are about as different as night and day.

    Look, if you're pro-abortion just goddmnit say it.

    It there are there are corrollaries necessary between.... kidney, bladder, and gall stone, then exists an element of apolopy or at the very least the need for justification.

  11. Tecky

    Tecky Well-Known Member


    certainly Singapore is a fine place to visit. Were I a citizen of a first world nation, I wouldn't mind visiting Singapore for a few years, bearing in mind that I would eventually return to my homeland. Singapore is good for Americans (or British) because almost everyone speaks some form of English (even the cleaners) and we have a stretch of malls to keep visitors occupied.

    I am not doubting that your friend enjoyed Singapore. Lots of foreigners do. Just like how so many foreigners enjoyed staying in Africa. I mean if you used to stay in an American ghetto neighbourhood and can only work in a fast food outlet back home in America despite your qualifications, you are going to be in heaven if some MNC hires you to be a manager in their branch office in Africa where you get housing allowances and so on. I knew an American who used to work in Africa. His African experience consists mainly of commuting from his luxury condominium complex and work (which is another nice office building with air-conditioning and other amenities). He never had to visit the towns where orphans are starving to death in the streets. So the subjective truth (for my American friend) is that Africa is 'nice'.

    I am now beginning to get offended by all this socio-political intervention. Can I just say that while I am happy your friend enjoyed her Singapore visit, please do not be so presumptuous as to think that visiting us as a foreigner gives you insight into the whole socio-political situation here. Are you even a political scientist? Work for President's Chief of Staff do you? Or are you a spokeperson for the UN? What gives you the right to declare us 'not 3rd world'? This is another case of white man's burden as far as I can see. I am sorry if that remark offends but I myself am sorely offended now too!

    This '3rd world' or '1st world' thing... please I beg you to leave it to us - the natives; the ones who were born and bred here. We alone can decide ok? Not some foreign visitor. Not even if said foreign visitor graduated from an Ivy League school or something. We have our own names. We are not so uneducated that we need help in defining what our country is.

    As far as criteria for declaring a country first world or third, it is a little more complex than looking at charts with numbers or buildings with air-conditioning. Please don't slap us in the face again and tell us we are wrong after having lived in Singapore for decades. Your intentions may be good, but did you know how frustrated it made me feel? There are so many things I would like to say but is afraid to so I can only bang my fists on the table and swear at you.

    By the way, 'streets are clean' and 'little crime' are subjective truths experienced by your friend. The streets in my part of town and where my friends live are certainly not clean. I have lived in ghetto Oakland for some time, AND I find the streets of Oakland far cleaner than the streets here in Singapore. That's saying something. As far as little crime is concerned. A few nights ago, there was yet another fight between rival gangs in 'native Singapore'. No one was killed so the fight went unreported and unnoticed by the better class of people in Singapore. I am glad your friend experienced little crime while visiting my country, but please do not think 'little crime' is an objective truth which applies to ALL of Singapore.

  12. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    [/QUOTE] What gives you the right to declare us 'not 3rd world'? This is another case of white man's burden as far as I can see. I am sorry if that remark offends but I myself am sorely offended now too!

    This '3rd world' or '1st world' thing... please I beg you to leave it to us - the natives; the ones who were born and bred here. We alone can decide ok? Not some foreign visitor. Not even if said foreign visitor graduated from an Ivy League school or something. We have our own names. We are not so uneducated that we need help in defining what our country is.

    First of all, Singapore is the 17th wealthiest country in the world, making it
    1st world (that is, if the terminology 1st, 2nd and 3rd world was not obsolete already since the end of the Cold War and the Fall of Communist Russia).

    That being said, you actually consider a gang fight where no-one was killed and the police were not called "violence"? A fistfight? In my city in the good old USA, there are 400 murders every year, and many, many more rapes and attempted murders. And I live in a pretty nice place.

    I'm not saying you don't have every right to be unhappy with your country of origin, but come on.
  13. Tecky

    Tecky Well-Known Member

    Again you had to bring up the charts... 17th wealthiest country in the world? haha... yeah right.

    Ok Anatasia, why do you have to do this to me? This is a grossly unfair debate! For one thing, you are free to say what you want, but I know that if I actually bring in my own charts and graphs and various citations made by academics to prove my point, my post might be traced and the police would come calling. I live in enough fear as it is. Why do you have to keep doing this to me? Will you be happier if I die right away??? Do you really have to force me to jump off my flat right away? Do you?

    I already said: Don't trust the numbers. Think in terms of context. For example, North Korea is actually a 1st world country according to your definition. It has wealth even if the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few individuals. And what did Saddam Hussein's wealth mean to the ordinary citizens of Iraq? Numbers can be manipulated. There's actually a book out there 'How to lie with numbers'.

    I am not going to get into a debate with you about who has the harder neighbourhood, ok? I really am not in the mood. Ok. You say you have 400 murders (reported ones). And? Your point is...? I was just trying to point out one isolated example about life in Singapore. Of course fatal gang fights do happen. And rape etc... But why force me to go into every single morbid detail?

    Man... I thought this would be my safe place. I thought wrong. It seems like some people prefer to see me jump off my flat as soon as possible...

    Can you people at least agree NOT to impose your own definition of 1st world standards on me? huh? How do you think it makes me feel??? Why do you have to keep doing this to me??

    Look at you.... Quoting 'Singapore is the 17th wealthiest country in the world'... Another slap in my face. Don't be a bully. I already said I am not allowed to go into too much details with regards to socio-political stuff, ok? So I can't debate well on this issue. PLEASE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! Occasionally I might say 'Singapore is 3rd world'. But so what? Does that offend you? It doesn't even have anything to do with you! I just need to rant! Is that wrong? huh??? Can't I even rant??? Or do you prefer I jump off my flat and not bother you with my 'inaccuracies' ever?

  14. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    Of course nobody wants to see you jump out of a window and I'm sorry that what I said upset you so much.
  15. Samantha

    Samantha Well-Known Member

    Dr George Exoo caters for everyone apparently.

  16. touglytobeloved

    touglytobeloved Well-Known Member

    Dont you think that the depression, when you really really have a reason for that, can be the most painfull and the most suffering thing in the world, even worse than every decease we know? Emotional pain can not be measured and compared to physical pain, because its much more worse.
  17. Samantha

    Samantha Well-Known Member

    True some years ago when a Medical Consultant was asked what was the best way & worse way to die he replied.
    "A Heart Attack is best you are here one minute and gone the next and that Depression was the worst way to die.

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