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  1. me_

    me_ Guest

    I am shit.
  2. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    Newsflash: You're not. :hug: Far from it.
  3. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    Newsflash: You are mentally ill, the is a huge difference between the two. Remember to fight it, it's your mental illness making you beleive these aweful things about yourself. But know I am here if you ever need me. I know how it feels to feel such aweful things about yourself, it's so hard to fight when you feel so mentally exausted. :hug:


    With love and hugs,
    Carolyn. x
  4. me_

    me_ Guest

    Thank you both!
  5. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    I don't think you are shit either. I think you probably FEEL like shit, but you are NOT shit. We're here if you wanna talk about anything

  6. me_

    me_ Guest

    thanks :hug: