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Hey All
My Name is Rach and I'm 21. I live at the bottom of South Australia in a house by myself. I have little family or professional support, due to living in a small town.
I used to work as a delivery driver, worked for the same company on three different occasions but left each time due to having breakdowns and landing in hospital.
I have a large family and kinda got a bit lost because there were 11 kids. I got lost in the school system too which was kinda sucky too.
I have suffered from suicidal feelings, thoughts and idealisation, since I was about 12.
I have been diagnosed with several physical and mental illnesses, but i'll go into it another time.
this is it for now from me

:welcome: to the Forum :)
Wow on the family...I'm an only child so can't imagine what that would be like!
Anyway, take care, I hope to see you around, and if you need anything, feel free to PM :)




Glad to have you on board Rach.

Feel free to PM me if you need anything


gabriel :rolleyes:
Hey there Rach,

Welcome to the forum :smile: it's nice to meet you.

Look forward to chatting with you sometime

like everyone else has said, feel free to pm me anytime



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Hey welcome welcome!!!! I hope you find all the support you need on these pages and from these wonderful people!! :biggrin:
If there is anything you need you know how to reach any of us with whoom you'd like to speak!!

Take care



Hi Rach

Welcome to the forum :) It must be difficult to live in a place where this is not much of a support system - I hope that SF helps to remedy that situation :) Hope to see you about here


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